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Decorating on a Budget.

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Hey Ya'll! Jilliana here with Little Rock Builders. Today we are wanting to equip you with tools to make your space your own without breaking the bank. If you've bought a home before, you know that there are so many costs that come up in the in-between, and often unexpected costs post move-in as well. Home decor can often end up on the back-burner for priorities during that time and understandably so! However, once the dust has settled you may find yourself standing there looking around your home thinking "Alright- how do I make this space reflect me and my taste?" (and, if you are anything like me, you're also thinking "how do I do this on a budget?) Little Rock Builders design team, and I have teamed up to offer you some tricks-of-the-trade to design well on a budget.

Shop end of season

Honestly, this is such sound advice. It may mean missing a season of

being "in style" however, you can bet your bottom dollar that what you find at 50%-75% off at the end of season will still be relevant come the following year. While trending styles do evolve year-to-year to some degree, a complete 180 style change doesn't occur generally till after a 5 year period of time. So as you're perusing Homesense, Wayfair, Bouclair or wherever your go-to is for home decor, just keep end of season savings in mind. Good things (like discounts) come to those who wait ;)

Incorporate Second-Hand Items

For those like myself who thrive on thrifted items, this one is no surprise. Even if you can afford the new, it's becoming quite common and fashionable, to mix antique items with

modern ones, bringing a balance between trendy and timeless. There are always gems to be found at incredibly reasonable prices at your local Salvation army, Goodwill, FB Marketplace and VV Boutique (that's Value Village, for those who are new around these here thrifting parts). And let's not forget the ever popular- garage sailing! There is no shame in putting items that others have lost interest in, to good use. "One man's trash is another man's treasure", right? It's all about perspective.

Refurbish some of your current fav's, with some paint

For the crafty DIY'er, this is a very affordable way to up-cycle some of your favourite home items. Those items you just love, but want to bring into the current trending era. I am not

exaggerating when I say that Black Matte Rustoleum has saved us hundreds of dollars. Buying second hand metal chairs, lamps, hardware, etc and just spraying them, instantly revitalizes them. It looks contemporary, without the price tag trending items can come with. If you're trying to revitalize wood items, there are also some great paint brands like BEHR paint, that offer various colour choices to choose from. No matter what your item, or your budget, paint has the potential to be your best DIY friend. 10/10, would recommend!

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of ways to save, we hope this blog has given some helpful tips to get you started on your decor design journey. We would love to see your re-loved and re-created items, so drop us a comment below!

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