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Our building process

Let's meet

At our initial meet and greet, we establish a budget, discuss lot or area of interest, review our current spec plans, discuss individual ideas and browse walk through photos of your desired layout.

The Build

Once the paper work is all settled, and necessary permits are acquired, the fun begins! We will begin to build a variable time frame, pending on project complexity. You'll meet with the build team to make selections.  Everyone involved will be working effectively, to keep the build on schedule. 

The Details

Once the nitty gritty is settled, we establish quotes on plans and interior finishes. We also make any necessary changes to customize the blue print to your liking.

Key Release

Now that the build is complete, there will be a deficiency walk through of the home with the service and warranty manager. A list of necessary updates will be made. Once that list is made, the build will be completed with touch ups, a final clean and the keys placed in your hands.

Build agreement

Upon signing the build agreement, you will provide us with your deposit amount.  Contractors will then apply for the necessary permits and schedule sub-contractors. This will also be where you sign your National Home Warranty contract.


The builders warranty that you receive upon the purchase of your new home, includes:

- Enrolment under National Home Warranty.

- One year workmanship warranty.

- Two year distribution warranty.

- Five year building envelope warranty.

- Ten year structural warranty.

Are you ready to build, but not sure where to start?


We've put together a customized questionnaire to help you start processing the many aspects to consider, when building a home. This questionnaire also helps our Team to have a more clear idea of your unique building vision and needs. This allows for your initial Meet n' Greet, to go as smoothly as possible.


So, are you ready to make a dream a reality?

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