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When we hire, here at Little Rock, we focus on more than just filling the position. We are looking for quality individuals- people who value the vision and the final product of our Little Rock Builds. We look for individual skills that collectively impact the company within a team setting.  Those who carry themselves professionally, but are still very much relatable on a personal level. No two team members are the same, which provides incredible insight from every view point. Each member brings a necessary piece to the puzzle and we are learning from each other daily as one persons skills may not be what another possess's. When working with our valuable clients we are confident that their needs will be met by the vast variety of knowledge and honed skill to pull from. Our team is a reflection of the family we've developed under the Little Rock Builders umbrella.

The department leads

Jeff Neustaeter

Founder & sales

Roxanne Loewen 

Content Creator & Design

Anthony Peters

site supervisor

Savanna Neustaeter

Founder & Design


Ryan Driedger

Co-owner & project manager

Our suppliers

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